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From the introduction of our first kamado TOPQ has set the standard for quality with unique designs and extra high quality components. When you see this symbol you know that the featured item is either totally Unique to TOPQ, or that it has unique qualities first introduced by TOPQ for kamado grills.

 Unique Features of TOPQ Grills to tell you Why TOPQ:

1. Kamado surface treatment:

The ceramic part of kamado is always what we proud of.We all know there will be some small flaws in the kamdo surface and that can't be avoid during production.Topq kamado never stop the step for pursue the perfect kamado surface,as now we have do a lot in improving the kamado surface process.You can see that we have a very nice glossy surface for each kamado. 

2. Extra duty hardware:

TOPQ uses the biggest, thickest metal on our hinge, bands, cart and hardware throughout the grill. This provides strength, stability and longevity.


3. High quality stainless steel cart and strong powder coated iron cart

Heavy Duty is almost an understatement for this beefy, rock-solid cart design.The heavy gauge tubular design is extremely sturdy without being cumbersome to handle.Quick assembly.


4. Cooking Grid Elevator:

(stainless steel) Elevates the cooking grid and pizza stone up to the top edge of the grill. Provides easier access to food. Allows use of a pizza peel when cooking pizza.


5. Top Damper Temperature Control:

The temperature of topq barbecue grill can be adjusted by the top draft vent & bottom draft vent. Since the temperature within the grills fluctuates very little, as minimal air flows and few fires runaway, so it’s easy to maintain your desired temperature for hours.


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FUZHOU TOPQ CERAMIC TECH CO.,LTD. No.796, Tianzhong Village, Baizhong Town, Minqing County, Fuzhou, Fujian, China

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