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    • 2016-05-04 09:58:28

    Summer is just around the corner, and grilling season is getting underway, and backyard barbecuing for friends, family and neighbors is a huge part that can’t wait to enjoy the summer experience. If you have a passion for grilling with the people around you in the backyard and your current kamado smoker grills just doesn't allow you to do the type of cooking you want to,visit TOPQ bbq for selecting your own kamados and get your awesome experience in backyard barbecue.

    20 Inch Portable Charcoal BBQ Grills

    “Topq always give you a best barbecue experience” is their motto ,they extremely pay attention to the true feelings of people who use TOPQ ceramic charcoal grills. Except the basic functions of kamado that should be equipped with,the kamado grills from China topq put in some new elements to improve the barbecue experience of customers.For example,improve the leakproofness by making the lid of kamado and furnace body,as we all know the leakproofness is important when cooking in kamado grills,this make some sense to create a concept that kamado grills have character of “oven”.

    In addition,the wealth of accessories for TOPQ kamdo grills can be a big light spot too.Many people like to use as many bbq accessories as they could to enrich their experience when barbecue cooking. Topq own enough accessories for your selection.Beside the accessories like deflector and pizza stone that can be usually seen, they also supply with many accessories that with lots of functions.

    They will deliver and assemble the grills and answer any questions that their customers may have.

    "We have the expertise on grilling and cooking that customers have come to depend on. We can give them tips on ways to cook certain foods. Many of our customers are serious about grilling. A certain number consider it a hobby or passion. Our grills can allow you to do a lot of different types of cooking. For example, you would set your grill at 275 degrees F for certain types of meat including ribs. These grills are for the person who wants to grill more than hot dogs and hamburgers or turn out chicken legs. They can help you become a bit more of a grilling professional for those backyard barbecues," said one of TOPQ staff.

    To know more about this kind of ceramic kamado BBQ grill,pls make online search: http://www.topqbbq.com/.

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