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  • The secret to better tasting food and long life for your smoker grill

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    If people thought of their smoker BBQ grills like they do their stove tops, there would be a lot fewer problems with grills wearing out. This includes moving everything out of the way and wiping around and under the burners. Well, a grill should be treated similarly. Every time it is used, clean it, at least lightly.

    Korean Small Handle Charcoal Smoker Grills

    Cooking grates are the exception to this general rule. They need to be cleaned completely after every use.This prevents food from sticking on your ceramic grill making it much easier to cook on. There are a lot of products on the market for cleaning your grate, but really any good stiff wire brush will do. Now, few people seem to know the best way to perform this little task. First of all, it is better done after you egg grill and not before. Once your charcoal grill has cooled down a bit but is still warm, take your brush and clean off any remaining food particles. It is much easier to clean off food particles while warmth is still present and not after they have cooled and been allowed to harden on the grate.

    One of the great things about charcoal BBQ grills is that you clean it out after every use. However, many people don't take advantage of the situation and simply dump the ashes out. Keeping a good wire brush handy to sweep out the cooked on remains will make additional cleaning jobs much easier.

    And don't think that because you have one of those barbecue grills with the ash catchers that you don't have to do any cleaning. Everything you cook on requires cleaning. So every time you use your charcoal grill, clean the grate and brush out the ashes and cooked on foods. This will cut down on excess smoke and bad flavors. Periodically, get in there and really scrape out all that stuff that just seems to develop on the bottom of your kamado cooker grill. At least once a year, get out a bucket of soapy water and give it a really good clean. If you need to touch up the color, get a can of grill safe paint. Just ask someone at the hardware store and they will know exactly what it is. If you do this, your grill will last for many years and produce great results.

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