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  • New year's gifts from China TOPQ

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    • 2016-12-29 09:59:41
    It’s hard to believe that one more year has almost passed.But anyway it’s true and we are in the middle of the New Year celebration preparation. Maybe you are confused about what new year gift to choose. Exactly, Choosing the right gift is an art and you need some sense for sending some special gifts to your loved one and your family. You may think about some wristwatch or garments for your husband, grandpa and other family members or friends, but do you really think that these gifts are unique anymore? If you want to send something different this time then TOPQ Charcoal BBQ Grill and some barbecue Optional Accessories are the best gifts for them.

    NO. 1 New TOPQ Classic Kamado 21”

    TOPQ New size Kamado as a new year’s gift , that make the the gift more special. Also , the red color make the new year more hot. The cast iron cart with four flexible wheels make the grill like a mobile kitchen. Additionally, this grill is wonderful for smoking meats and giving a flavorful smoked meat taste. This convenient grill is very useful for all cooking purposes and the price is a steal!

    21 Inch Versatile Garden BBQ Bakery Oven

    NO. 2 Pizza stone and pizza shovel

    Find the best unique gifts and gift ideas for him this year. Most guys love pizza and pizza making.  As the one of the most popular accessory , pizza stone is a normal gift. But ,you can send a suit of pizza stone with different size and combine with a pizza shovel as a gift to make it special. Currently , we have different size of pizza stone and big steel shovel for pizza lovers.

    NO .3 Stainless-steel Pepper Roaster Tray

    Stainless-steel Pepper Roaster Tray keeps jalapeno poppers upright while you add fillings and grill. Sides have a convenient lip that makes it easy to transfer all 21 peppers at once without falling apart. Grill up great tasting and unique appetizers for your next outdoor event.

    TOPQ Stainless Steel Pepper Roaster Tray

    No. 4 Hamburgers Grilling basket

    Hamburgers Grilling basket is perfect gift for burger lovers, it’s also known as sliders, make ideal snacks for any occasion. This burger/slider set has what you need to keep any occasion fueled with fast, tasty burgers. The double patty press means you can prep more food, faster by pressing meat into 2 patties at a time. The non-stick hamburger grill basket holds 4 sliders for easy grilling. The included bun cutter can trim any bread or burger bun down to slider size for a perfect fit.

    TOPQ Hamburger Grilling Basket

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